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North Winnipeg Satelites 

Founded 1980


KJHL Championships

1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 2002, 2003, 2006

Baldy Northcott Trophy Winner- Manitoba Junior B Provincial Championship

1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 2006


    The North Winnipeg Satelites Junior Hockey Club are members of the Keystone Junior Hockey League. 

The KJHL is a ten team Junior B hockey league operating in the province of Manitoba and sanctioned 

by Hockey Canada. 

    League members also include the Selkirk Fishermen, St. Malo Warriors, Peguis Juniors, Norway House 

Northstars, Arborg Ice Dawgs, Lundar Falcons, OCN STORM, Fisher River Hawks and the Cross Lake 


    The winner of the KJHL League Championship earns the right to compete in the Keystone Cup, 

the Western Canadian Junior B Hockey Championship against the provincial Jr. B champions from B.C., 

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.    


The Satelites are a non-profit organization and are operated by a small staff of volunteers.


    Since 1980 the Satelites have been providing an opportunity for young men to continue playing 

hockey at a high level. We encourage all players to develop, and take pride in those who move on to the

next level in their hockey careers while continuing their education or getting started in the workforce.

Our players are between the ages of 16-21 and our home rink is the Billy Mosienko Arena located at 709 Keewatin Street.


NHL Alumni: 

Frank Bialowas


Allan Cup Alumni:

Southeast Prairie Thunder - 2015 Champions

Steve Christie, Goaltender: MVP & All-Star


About the KJHL:

    The Keystone Junior Hockey League, (formerly the Manitoba Junior B Hockey League), is a Junior B 

league currently made up of 10 teams in Manitoba, Canada and sanctioned by Hockey Canada. The KJHL 

regular season runs from October to February, with playoffs starting after the end of the regular season. 

The league champion is awarded the Baldy Northcott Trophy and represents Manitoba at the Western 

Canadian Junior B Championship to compete for the Keystone Cup

The 2017 Keystone Cup will be hosted in Arborg, Manitoba by the Arborg Ice Dawgs of the Keystone

Junior Hockey League

Recent Winners of the Baldy Northcott Trophy: The Manitoba Jr. B Provincial Championship.

 2016: Peguis Juniors
 2015: Selkirk Fishermen

 2014: Selkirk Fishermen

 2013: Peguis Juniors
 2012: Arborg Ice Dawgs
 2011: Arborg Ice Dawgs
 2010: Selkirk Fishermen
 2009: St. Malo Warriors
 2008: Norway House Northstars
 2007: Winnipeg Saints
 2006: North Winnipeg Satelites
 2005: Selkirk Fishermen