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Winnipeg Satelites 50/50 Hockey Donation Fundraiser Results



2017 Fall Tryouts

The Winnipeg Satelites 2017-2018 try outs will commence on Tuesday Sept. 12 and run through to Thursday Oct. 4.

We will also take a good look at any player arriving past those dates and throughout the season till Feb. 15.

*A note to players trying out, you are still required to wear the same protective equipment you wore last year, a helmet with cage or full visor,  neck protection and mouth guard.  You can only use a half visor once you sign a junior player card.

Any questions, please contact us at:

Link to Forms:

Registration Form

Training Camp Schedule

Please note, schedule has been updated. 7/26/2017



2017 Winnipeg Satelites Awards dinner.

Friday April 28, 6:00PM

The Winnipeg Satelites held their annual awards dinner at Alfie's Restaurant on Friday with the following players receiving awards.

Nico Lisi: Leading Scorer

Rookie of the Year: Braden Zamrykut

Coaches Choice Award: Sam Batt and Parker Cassie

"For the Boys", for outstanding commitment and dedication to the hockey team: Nicholas Doerksen and Erik Rogalka.

Top Defenseman: Howard Grieves

Hardest Working Player: Nathan Jones

Most Valuable Player: Wyatt Emes

Congratulations gentlemen, you earned them. I would also like to thank head coach Chris Pache, assistant coaches Justin Pache and Bryan Mackenzie for their efforts and words in describing why each players deserved the awards they received, well done.











Nov. 5,  2016 Game Photos

Dec. 11, 2016 Game Photos

Jan. 29 Game Photos/Video




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