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2017 Winnipeg Satelites Alumni Game

    The Winnipeg Satelites Second Annual Alumni Game took place at the Billy Mosienko Arena on Saturday March 4 with the Alumni doubling up the current members of the Satelites.

Dressing for the 2016 Satelites were Noah Sawatzky, Sam Batt, Brandon Mills, Nathan Jones, Nick Doerksen, Nico Lisi, Erik Rogalka, Derick Vinsky, Colin Yarchuk, Howard Grieves, Jesse McIntosh and Derek Ramage.

Dressing for the Alumni: Chris Pache, Donnie Thiessen, Justin Pache, Cory Mymryk, Ian McIntyre, Ryan Kontusic, Jason Camphuis, Marc Hildebrand, George Pearce, Taylor Lemon, Kyle Collins, Bryan Mackenzie, Bobby High, Kyle Grand, Scott Douglas and Dylan McWha. A big shout out to Westwood Warrior goaltender Tyler Sagness for coming out and tending the nets for the Alumni team. We would also would like to thank the Satelites' Don Gibson for keeping the players in check and serving as the Referee for the game.







2017-18 Tryouts

The Winnipeg Satelites 2017-2018 training camp will start on Tuesday Sept. 12/2017 and run through to Oct. 5/2017. Junior eligible players between the ages  of 16 and 20 interested in trying out for the Winnipeg Satelites and would like to receive a training camp invitation and schedule by email please contact us at Invitations should be mailed out sometime in May or early June.





Nov. 5,  2016 Game Photos

Dec. 11, 2016 Game Photos

Jan. 29 Game Photos/Video




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North Winnipeg Satelites

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